Brand Photography

Upwork wanted to refresh their imagery so it speaks to its modern evolving landscape. The goal was to showcase global talent in a creative, relatable, and human way while highlighting different types of jobs and working setups. Photographer Emily Shur helped us bring the concept to life.

CDs: Nick Scarlet, Dave Gonsalves


Digital campaign

For business decision makers and their teams, Upwork is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving during this busy time of year. We are providing the solution that keeps things on track in spite of all the holiday vacations and unplanned disturbances to their business. We frame Upwork as a "gift" that keeps things on budget, keeps projects on deadline, and keeps team spirits high. It’s the best gift you can give your team/business this holiday season.

CW: Ann Lieberman
Designer: Akira Nakamura
Motion Designer: Ross Holter


Upwork’s year in review campaign.

I collaborated with Mane Sargsyan, illustrator on the Upwork platform, to create the lockup and spot illustrations for the year in review campaign. The goals were to come up with an ownable name and look and feel for the campaign and make the content unique and engaging for users. The executions were color coded to differentiate the audiences (client, enterprise, freelance and generic).

CW: Ann Lieberman
Designer: Akira Nakamura
Illustrator: Mane Sargsyan

Hero image

Spot illustrations to support highlighted data points.


Digital Campaign
We launched a campaign to champion Upwork's optimistic stance on AI, highlighting its ability to boost human potential. This helped Upwork take the lead in a time when businesses and talent were worried about the drawbacks of AI in the workplace. We collaborated with motion designer Champ to craft an engaging and inspirational video to convey our message.

CDs: Nick Scarlet, Todd Lamb, Ann Lieberman
Motion designer: Champ


Virtual Event
Upwork starts the year with a company-wide event to get people excited about what has been achieved during the previous year and what’s going to happen next.
We partnered with Laundry studio to create a look and feel that 
represents transformation, pushing boundaries and the changing way we work. We leveraged the theme from the campaign “This is How We Work Now” and evolved it to make it feel elevated, fresh and help bring the event to life in an optimistic, dynamic and bold way.

CD- Nick Scarlet
CW- Ann Lieberman
Motion designers: Ross Holter, Zack Patterson
Vendor: Laundry

Opening Video
Title cards showcase musicians from the Upwork platform playing music before introducing the next speaker
Title card
Technical difficulties video (yes, it was displayed for 30 seconds!)
Sizzle Reel