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Brand: DUNE

Meet Moonary, a project based on the impact the lunar cycle has on our lives.

The cycle of the Moon is an example of life’s evolutionary process. It represents the principle of impermanence as it always changes phase, and duality as it highlights beginnings and endings.The Moonary is a tool that will help you understand the lunar cycle from an astrological perspective. It will help you learn about the influence it has in your life and how to benefit from the opportunities it brings.

I’ve been designing Moonarys since 2018. During the pandemic lockdown, I decided to create a new 2021 edition and launch it on Kickstarter. You can learn more about it on the links below:

Kickstarter Project
Etsy shop


I collaborated with illustrator Sargam Gupta to create a 2023 cover that represents the Moon cycle and the opportunities it brings.

Inner cover



I collaborated with Ricardo Perez (Animator) and Juan Forero (Sound Designer) to create a teaser to launch the campaign.

Cover with holographic foil design on black paper.

Moonary 2021 includes 312 astrological forecasts based on the lunar cycle plus notes section for people to write down their observations and work on the manifestation process.

Moonary is an astrological guide that highlights the most relevant lunar phases of 2021. It includes both an overall and a personalized forecast for people to sync to their own lunar cycle and benefit from the opportunities it brings.

2018-19 EDITION